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The Kids

December 13, 2016 Family 0

[fvplayer src=” days in Mosta/VID_20160814_131419.mp4″ width=”1280″ height=”720″ splash=”” playlist=” days in Mosta/VID_20160814_122349.mp4, days in Mosta/IMG_20160814_113857.jpg; days in Mosta/VID_20160814_114118.mp4, days in Mosta/IMG_20160814_113821.jpg; days in Mosta/VID_20160814_122251.mp4, days in Mosta/IMG_20160814_114207.jpg; days in Mosta/IMG_2774.MOV, days in Mosta/IMG_20160814_122244.jpg; days in Mosta/349717427_Palazzo Parisio_HD.mp4, days in Mosta/IMG_20160814_113857.jpg”]

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